CM Design Group can provide a wide range of civil engineering design services. We have developed efficient methods for delivering high quality PS&E packages. We have the expertise of a large firm, but all the advantages of a small firm — accessibility, principal involvement, and cost effectiveness.

Transportation Design

Our staff has experience in transportation projects that range from five-lane roadway widenings to curb ramp replacement projects. Our staff has worked on the following types of projects:

CM Design Group provides not only solid technical design work, but we are also very capable when it comes to coordinating with adjacent property owners and preparing for public meetings; coordinating with city owned and franchise utilities; and designing to meet ADA compliance.

Storm Drainage Design

Our staff has designed numerous mainline storm drainage systems water quality and detention systems including underground tanks and vaults, sand filters, biofiltration swales, infiltration ponds, rain gardens, and media filter vaults.

We understand the process of preparing storm drainage reports that meet with regulatory approval.

As water quality and sustainable design continue to be more of a focus, our ability to design storm drainage systems that provide regulatory compliance and promote low-impact development (LID) and "green" design is more relevant than ever.

Site Design

The staff at CM Design Group has extensive experience in providing civil engineering for facility and site design projects. We understand the importance of working with the entire design team to create seamless design plans. Projects our staff has worked on include parks, community centers, police stations, restuarants, and churches.